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In the telecommunications industry, IP PBX or IPBX is a system that provides the routing of all or part of the communications using the Internet Protocol (IP), internally over the local area network (LAN) or the WAN. (WAN) of the company.

911micro offers you a cost-effective alternative to traditional local telephone systems: a Hosted IP PBX. Your telephone system is housed in our secure data centers. All incoming and outgoing calls are managed directly for each extension in the office. Routing for the receptionist can also be configured, as well as all other features of a standard PBX, including paging, extension or departmental voicemail, call forwarding, conferences, and so on.

The significant advantage of the Hosted IP PBX is the ability for the company to make changes to the configuration of its telephone system, such as adding or removing extensions, expanding offices, high costs usually associated with these procedures. Similarly, employee extensions can be anywhere, at home or at a branch, without any changes to the phone system. This service allows you to create a virtual call center.

The Hosted IP PBX gives you the ultimate flexibility to reduce your phone costs.

Call treatment

Beyond features like call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, 911micro offers a vast range of enhanced features to help manage calls from your home or your business. Most of these features come free with monthly packages or pay-per-use subscriptions.

3-way calling

Talk with up to three other people at the same time. Easily add new parties to a call already in progress.

Audio Conferencing

Create your own space and allow several people to be bridged together in the same conversation. Our audio conferencing feature provides the host with a dashboard monitor that allows organizers to monitor and control different aspects of the conference call in real time. You can either host conferences from a local or a toll-free DID.

Call Encryption

Encrypt all the details about who and where you are calling through SIP-TLS (Transport Layer Security) as well as audio through SRTP (Secure Real-Time Protocol).

Call Forwarding

Configure your incoming calls to be redirected automatically to any phone number of your choice.

Call Hunting

Route calls to multiple phones or members of a hunt group one after another. The call hunting process continues until an available extension answers the call or goes to voicemail.

Call Recordings

Record and manage your calls, whether they are incoming or outgoing calls.


Configure one of your numbers to present a busy tone for incoming callers and automatically have the system place an outbound call to a chosen number to grant access to dial tone to make calls using your 911micro account.

Caller ID Filtering

Filter specific incoming calls.

- Incoming Calls Failover based on their caller ID and route them differently. According to your needs among your available routing options.

Calling Queues

Manage high volumes of incoming calls by placing them in queues specifically configured to optimize customer service. Customize your own voice prompts, play advertisements, soothing music, or customized messages for on-hold callers.

Call Waiting

Receive a second call while already on the phone with someone and choose to answer the new caller or send them to custom destinations such as voicemail, on-hold music, busy signal or a pre-recorded message.

Digital Receptionist (IVR)

Manage incoming calls through your own configurable voice response system or menu. Create numeric extensions for your callers to reach the desired party. All managed through a simple web interface.


Transform your 911micro account into your own portable calling card. Configure one of your numbers to present incoming callers with a PIN number prompt and grant access to dial tone to make calls using your 911micro account.

Do not Disturb

Prevent your phone from ringing when you are unavailable and forward incoming calls to a voice mail, landline or mobile device.

* Supported by 911micro. Depends on user's phone. No specific option from the customer portal.


Extend your possibilities to be reached by setting up to 3 failover options : No Answer, If the phone is busy or if the device unreachable.

Music On Hold

Choose up to 11 genres of music or beep configurations to play for your callers placed on hold.

Phone book Groups

Create unique groups that fit your needs (e.g. family, work or friends). You can then filter groups to head to a specific destination to reach you more easily.

Ring Groups

Configure your DID number to ring different extensions or phone numbers simultaneously when you receive an incoming call.


Upload your own professional audio file to be used among the different features available that make use of a recording such as IVR, Voicemail and others.


Sequences is an IVR enhancement feature that allows you to create very specific scenarios where you can make use of any combination of the following options: DTMF, Recordings and SMS.

Speed Dial

Configure up to 99 phonebook entries with a speed dial code to contact your most frequently dialed numbers.

Time Conditions

Define how your incoming calls will be routed depending on the time of the day. (i.e. during business hours or holidays, or outside business hours, etc.).

Unlimited SIP URI Calling

Receive or place unlimited free calls between the 911micro network and any other SIP user worldwide. Receive unlimited incoming SIP calls from any SIP-compliant phone, gateway or device.


Configure a Mailbox for your numbers or extensions to store your voice messages when you are unavailable and get access to all the great voicemail management options. Access your voice messages from your customer portal or any phone device.

Account management

Through our secure and mobile-friendly Customer Portal, 911micro allows you to fully manage and customize your phone system, monitor calling activity, view call detail history, all in real time from any location around the world. Admin features are available only to you or to your designated employees.

Allowed Calling Areas

Select the countries/regions that you would like your account to have outbound calling access to. Enable or disable international calls as needed.

Automatic Billing / Invoicing

Set a threshold and a top-up amount, and we will automatically replenish your account once your balance reaches the specified threshold. No more need for low balance alerts.

Directory Assistance Block

Prevent calls to directory assistance from being made from your account. This feature can be activated and deactivated as needed.

DID Routing

Manage your DID numbers and route incoming calls to any of your available options such as Call Forwarding, Voicemail, Ring Groups, etc.

Detailed CDRs

View your detailed outbound and inbound phone call history for the period of your choice. Sort your call logs by date, duration, account, billed calls, free calls or generate detailed reports on call outcomes (answered, no answer, busy, failed).

Downloadable and Printable CDRs

Use our Customer Portal to print or download call detail reports in CSV, Excel, XML and SQL formats.

E911 Default Caller ID

Set one distinctive caller ID for all calls placed to E911. All outbound calls placed to emergency services with Enhanced 911 show your organization’s number and location to the emergency operator.

Foreign IP Guard

Prevent any foreign country IP from accessing your Customer Portal. Receive a notification email whenever a foreign IP attempts to access your portal and choose to block or authorize this IP.

Graphical Usage Reports

Use your VoIP analysis module to capture and analyze incoming and outgoing calls and graphically display analysis results in bar or pie charts.

Generate Invoice

Use the 911micro Customer Portal to easily generate your own invoice to see all recent transactions according to the date range you select.

Generate Canadian Invoice

Generate an invoice valid for the Canadian government.

Maximum Rate/Time limit

Restrict your outbound calls to a maximum desired duration and set a rate-per-minute limit for your calls to International Destinations.

Number Portability

Transfer your existing Local, Toll Free or Fax number from your current provider into your 911micro account and use it with the wide selection of available options and features.

Phone Book

Store up to 500 of your most dialed numbers with caller ID name overrides and up to 99 speed-dial entries. Also available for Virtual Fax and SMS features.

Point of Presence options

Choose among 50 servers strategically-located in Canada, the US, Australia, Europe, etc. To configure your phone systems for optimal latency and quality.

Real-Time Balance Check

Quickly check your current account balance by logging into your customer portal or dialing *225 from your 911micro extension.

Security Email Notification

Receive an email notification of any modification to the system’s settings (password change, balance threshold modification, calls made to 911 emergency service, etc.)

SMS Message Center

Send, receive and manage all your SMS messages and features easily via the 911micro portal from your smartphone or computer.

Sub Accounts Report

Select a period of time to monitor all your specific sub-account usage by minutes, quantity of calls and amount spent.

Two Step Verification

Add an extra layer of security to your account. This feature consists of a six-digit code which is being sent to your e-mail whenever you try to sign in from an unknown browser or device.

Upcoming Account Balance

Consult the upcoming DID monthly Fee charges amount for the next day, the next 3 days or the next 7 days and prepare your account balance ahead to prevent any disruption in your service.

Voicemail to Email

Receive your voicemails directly to your email inbox as an audio file attachment with relevant information (sender name and number, date, time, length of message, time stamp etc.) in .wav format, or get an email notification of new voicemails.


Easy DID ordering process through the 911micro Customer Portal, in over 58 countries. Choose among a list of numbers (Toll Free, Fax, Vanity Toll Free, Non-Geographical) from any province, state or local calling area or select a number from our list of international virtual numbers.

Available Numbers

Easy DID ordering process through the 911micro Customer Portal, in over 58 countries. Choose among a list of numbers (Toll Free, Fax, Vanity Toll Free, Non-Geographical) from any province, state or local calling area or select a number from our list of international virtual numbers.

BYOD (Bring your Own Device)

Open your network to allow you to use their preferred mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, telephone adapters, laptops USB drives or VoIP phones.

Caller ID Name Prefix

Add a Customize caller ID for inbound calls in order to differentiate the origin of the call.

Directory Assistance

Dial any Canadian directory assistance number (411, 811, 511...) to access specific services or to locate a local or national published listing anywhere in Canada.

Enhanced 911 Emergency Service

Allows the user to register a DID number from US or Canada to the 911 service records with his name and address to be able to call 911 emergency number through VOIP.

Inbound Caller ID

Identify callers by name and phone number before answering their call. This Caller ID has enhanced features and flexibility.

Inbound Toll Free Numbers

Allow customers to call you from anywhere in the US, Canada or the world without incurring long-distance charges by porting your existing US or Canada Toll Free number or choosing one of the available 911micro 1800 numbers.

Outbound Caller ID Blocking

Block your name and phone number from being displayed on outbound calls. “Anonymous caller” or “Private number” will appear on the receiver’s screen.

Outbound Caller ID Blocking by Call

Block your name and phone number from being displayed on outbound calls, permanently or by call.

* Supported by 911micro. Depends on user's phone. No specific option from the customer portal.

Outbound Caller ID Delivery per Call

Personalize your Caller ID to display any name and number on outbound calls. Ideal for displaying information you wish the recipient to see.

Outbound Toll Free Calls

Call any 1800 number in the US or Canada without incurring long-distance charges.

SIP Compatibility

Allows you to use 911micro service with any software, phone device or system compatible with the SIP protocol.


Send and receive text messages within US and Canada from your SMS available number to a wide variety of SMS supporting devices.

T.38 Fax

Send a fax to another fax machine over Internet using the T.38 protocol.

Unlimited Customer Support

Create tickets to receive technical support or answers to general inquiries in the blink of an eye. Use 911micro live chat feature for instant support. Chat transcripts available.

Unlimited in-Network Calling

Make free unlimited phone calls between sub-account internal extensions and to any 911micro US48 and Canada local or Toll Free number.

Vanity Toll Free Numbers

Get a customized Toll Free number for either business or personal use. Choose among a vast selection of available numbers from our Customer Portal.

Virtual Fax

No more using traditional fax machines. Receive faxes in PDF format on any of your Fax available DIDs or have them forwarded to your preferred email address. Files supported: PDF, TXT, JPG, GIF, PNG and TIF.

Virtual PRI / SIP Trunks

Heavy inbound user? You can make significant economies of scale by managing your own channels. Depending on your needs, you can either link a few or all your DIDs to your trunk.

Detailed specifications

As a private user, your VoIP devices (phones, tablets, laptops) will be required to meet the varying demands of end-users. As such, they must be easy to use, manage and support. Below are the detailed specifications of 911micro systems. They can be somewhat technical and depend not just on your VoIP setup, but on other factors such as Internet connection, server location, bandwidth, protocols, etc. Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation on the part of 911micro.

Supported Codecs

G.711u (μ-law / pcmu) (native)

G.729a (native)

gsm (transcoded)

Supported Protocols



Authentication Methods

SIP/IAX Dynamic Registration (Register)

SIP Static IP authentication

Dialing Rules

011 international prefix

00 international prefix

E 164 / Direct Country Code

USA/Canada 1, 001, or 10 digits

VoIP Server Location

Atlanta, GA

Chicago, IL

Dallas, TX

Denver, CO

Houston, TX

Los Angeles, CA

New York, NY

San Jose, CA

Seattle, WA

Tampa, FL

Washington, DC

Amsterdam, NL

Melbourne, AU

London, UK

Paris, FR

Montréal, QC

Toronto, ON

Vancouver, BC

Configuration Samples





LinkSys PAP2T

Cisco SPA2100



PBX Systems

ATA Adapters


Customer portal

The 911micro Customer Portal can be used for residential or business purposes. It works as the main access point to our many features and to a vast range of options to manage your account (run reports, update billing info, view call detailed records, monitor usage, and manage voice features online in real time, from almost any device—anytime, anywhere.) online, anytime, to suit your needs. You can individualize your portal by adjusting settings and preferences. Once you log in, all the tools you need are at your fingertips from a central, powerful Dashboard.


Contains announcements and service status updates

Account Settings

USA/Canada routing setup

Allow/Disallow 411 dialing

Override CallerID


SIP/IAX/Interface password

Allowed Codecs

Remote Access Pin

Order DIDs

USA/Canada Local DID number availability

Check Pricing

Order available DID now

Backorder DIDs

Order Toll-Free DIDs

Toll-Free DID number availability

Check Pricing

Order available DID now

International DIDs

International DID number availability

Check Pricing

Order available DID now

Manage DIDs

Change routing protocol

Change device type

Enable/Disable CNAM

Change DID routing destination

Modify Failover destination

Change Dial Time


Create new mailbox

Modify a mailbox

Delete mailbox

Create sub-account

Create a new sub-account

Manage sub-accounts

List sub-accounts

Delete a sub-account

Sub-Accounts Report

Account usage per sub-account

Configuration Examples

Configuration examples for Asterisk, Trixbox, Sipura/Linksys ATAs, Voxalot and generic SIP devices

Call-Detail Records

Date, Destination, Description, Duration, Rate, Total

Detailed Printable CDR

Date, Destination, Description, Caller ID, Duration, Rate, Total in a printable format


Customizable CDR reports available in SQL Format, Excel, CSV and XML.

Graphical Usage Report

Top 10 destinations by minutes: Pie chart

Top 10 destinations by calls: Pie chart

Daily Spendings: Vertical Bars

Calls / Minutes: Lines

Daily Calls Status: Lines

Call Status Total: Pie chart

Account Statistics

Amount spent

Total time



Account Balance

Current Account Balance

Add Funds

Add Funds to your account Paypal, Credit Card


Transaction history

DID Billing

DID listing, next billing, Cancel DID

Edit Information

Modify account information